Studio Twocan is a creative studio, managed by sisters, Maddie and Becc Sharrock. 

Sharing a keen and life-long interest in design and creativity, our chosen paths have led us in different directions. Becc – direct, organised and pragmatic – is an experienced graphic designer, having worked in some of Melbourne’s leading design studios. Maddie – fearless, passionate and inspiring – after studying fine art at the Victorian College of the Arts has forged a career in art production and is dedicated to her craft. 



As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. That’s why we now embark on our collaborative journey combining our shared skills and knowledge. We challenge the ordinary, and each other, in design and production. Our process borrows equally from the design and art worlds to produce beautiful and meaningful work. 

Studio Twocan exists due to the support of a creative community of family, friends and followers. Thanks everybody.




Every Studio Twocan piece is individually handcrafted with care and precision.

Our cement ceramics range was refined over two years. The time we have taken to perfect our products shows our dedication and commitment to quality of design and manufacture.

We colour the cement using pigment to create an organic layering inspired by Australian landscapes. Each piece is polished with natural oils, sealing the cement with a satin finish. This process celebrates imperfections and ensures that each piece is unique.

We are very conscious of the short lifecycle of products in today’s world. Studio Twocan is committed to producing good design and using quality materials. The result can be seen in our sophisticated artworks and functional objects that will last a lifetime.

Our beautifully designed range of cement ceramics has been made to last.

Photographed by 
Emma Barratt